40 Years Wiser, A Birthday Present to Myself

Photo by Nazia Morani Photography

I want to do something really special for my 40th year of life. 


I have spent more than a decade making the magic happen for brides, grooms, and their families all around the world. Even during a pandemic. Even when things at home need my attention. I pushed through all these challenges to become the wedding planner of my brides’ dreams. The fairy-godmother of weddings. I took my first job at age 15, and I haven’t stopped working since. 


Time to reflect


But now I’m 40; it’s time for me to reflect. 


I still want to make magic. I still want to foster the talents I have developed and share my gift with the world. But I want to do so with more intention, more awareness, and more connection to the human community. My mother taught me to live life with no regrets, and I plan to do just that.


40 for 40


So follow along as I do 40 spectacular things this year! Come along to tropical Tulum to swim with the sea turtles. Trek with me through a monkey sanctuary in Africa or to bathe elephants in Thailand. Live vicariously with me as I jump out of a plane in Istanbul and walk on the wild side of Goa.  


Along the way, we’re sure to discover new venues that create the perfect setting for a romantic wedding, new vendors to invest in around the world, and new chateaus, bungalows, and estates to house friends and families for destination weddings.


These new backdrops can spark your own creative flow. I hope at least one of these experiences inspires your vision for yourself. For your future. For the celebration of your biggest commitment. As the details of each magical place come alive here, I hope you begin to see your event come to life as well. 


I’m in the wedding business, but I’m also in the people business. I plan to really see people this year. To connect and reconnect with so many near and far who are important to me.


I’m also taking selective clients this year. The overall experience of working with me and my team will be more exclusive than it’s ever been. Good for my brides, good for their families, and good for myself. 


This is 40. My best year yet. 


Love is in the Details, 


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